Black Screen Issue

Discussion created by msbertrand on May 24, 2014
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- FM Server Advance 12 (latest update) - MacMini Server

- FM Pro/Pro Advance/Go 12 and FM Pro/Pro Advance/Go 13 (Latest updates) - Windows/Mac/iOS


I have a new issue with a layout using 3 parts - Heather/Sub-Summary/Footer - and suddenly start displaying 'black' screen. I can see the data, but the bottom used area is now black. The exact same issue is reproduced when printing a report using the data (un-summarized) either in PDF (view or print) or Printed paper. Yet the layout used to print the report does not produce the black screen in view/edit mode, only when printed.


This issue started about a week ago and appears to affect only these two function, it is not present in other layout/report in this file, or any other files. Both layout are displaying data from another file, I closed and remove the file and recovered it, no changes.


It orinigally affected only 'one' user (in a deployement of around 40 users) yet once I audited my layout and to look for object or color background, the issue then became global to all users.


Any idea where this come from?