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Stuck on getting data from a filtered portal

Question asked by madmike6537 on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by madmike6537

Hi All,


Edit: I think part of my confusion is I dont understand how the calculation is being ran. Does it run for all related records in that table? Or just the first now?


I have 3 portals and I am trying to hide a green check / red check mark depending on if the user has entered at least one record in each portal, today.


So I am using the FM 13 hide function - which is great. Problem I am running into is if they have entered data into the portal with a different date, it still shows them the green check mark. How can I ensure that they have entered data today specifically? I need to somehow limit my calculation to only the current date, but I cant quite figure out how to get there.


Here is my calculation for the green check mark - any feedback on a better way to do this is welcome. So the green check mark is hidden if: (All these fields are in filtered portal)


IsEmpty(Material_Reading::Material_Name) or

IsEmpty(Material_Reading::Standard) or

IsEmpty(Material_Reading::MC Reading) or

//Material_Reading::Date ≠ Get(CurrentDate) my latest attempt, but obviously doesnt work because not all records = today's date



IsEmpty(Psy_Reading::PsyMetricName) or

IsEmpty(Psy_Reading::Temp) or

IsEmpty(Psy_Reading::RH) or


//if there is a peice of equipment, then check these fields, otherwise dont

If(not IsEmpty(Dehumidifier_Readings::Equipment_Brand_ID);



IsEmpty(Dehumidifier_Readings::Temp_Reading) or IsEmpty(Dehumidifier_Readings::RH_Reading); "")