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    Error 701 on... Server 13!




      after the nighgmare of error 701 on Server Advanced 12, I was hoping this was behind us.

      and... no.

      On a FileMaker Server 13, I get the 701 error when I launch the FMSE component (Script Engine)

      The CLT does not return an error if I do

      fmsadmin start fmse

      but I get a 701 error in the log.


      Scheduled scripts therefore can't run, as well as PSoS.


      Did someone experience this? Did you find a work around?


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          FMSE starts with FMS itself so I'm assuming you are trying to launch it after it crashed.  Is 701 the error in the log tracing back to the "crash"?  Or do you get 701 when you try to re-launch it but there is another error in the logs to indicate that it stopped working?


          What OS, what hardware?

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            Hi Wim,


            thank you for your reply.

            Indeed, I get the error in the log when I start the server itself, and then when I try to launch fmse independently.

            The short version is: I get a 701 every time FMSE is launched.


            Reinstalled FileMaker Server and upgraded the system (was 10.8.5). Same issue.


            Current situation: FM Server 13v2, running on a Mac Mini, Mac OS X 10.9.3