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    Folder visible in Manage Layouts... is not visible in View menu or Status Toolbar layout menus


      G'day Readers


      Working on a database originally created in FMP11, then upgraded to FMP12 and finally working in FMP13.

      The file has moved around a bit and has been modified on Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X Lion and Mac OS X Mountain Lion.


      Using the Manage:Layouts... dialog box I used the Duplicate button to make a copy of a folder and the layouts the folder contained.

      The duplicate worked as expected and I was able to rename the duplicated folder, rename the duplicated layouts and change to context of each duplicated layout.

      Everything looks hunkey-dorey in the Manage:Layouts dialog box (see attachment 01).


      However, the original folder, the folder I selected before clicking the Duplicate button is missing in the:

      (a) View:Go To Layout submenu (see attachment 02)

      (b) Status Toolbar - Layouts drop-down menu (see attachment 03)


      Troubleshooting so far:

      (i) created a new folder beneath the original folder - FAIL to resolve issue

      (ii) close the database and use Open Remote... to re-open it - FAIL to resolve issue



      (1) Has anyone else encountered this inconsistent folder display issue?

      (2) Can anybody suggest a troubleshooting strategy to resolve the issue?


      Any clarification about the issue will be greatly appreciated.

      Bye for now.




      Michael Richards

      Brisbane (Australia)