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Display a field with a list of values

Question asked by tonymak on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by tonymak

This is probably very simple but it has me crazy.

what i have is a calculated field that was been populated via an ExecuteSQL command (mytable::NearbyGeoLocationData).

This field now contains a list of contact values one per line - with many lines per record.


it is actually a list of Geolocation data of other contacts that was found via the executeSQL to be within a given radius (GeoBox)


What I'd ultimatly like to do with this list within each records mytable::NearbyGeoLocationData field is create a dropdown menu, or a popup menu. displaying the data from the list. or something. even a edit box isn't working as it will not utilize a scroll bar to view a long list of names etc.


the field contents looks something like this:

Line 1: John Doe, 1 Somestreet, Some Town, 12345, (800) 555-1212

Line 2: Jack Smith, 3 Avenue Place, Town Square, 54321, (999) 123-09876

Line 3: Jack Daniels, Just What I need Ave., Wrong Path Village, 09876, (777) 555-1234