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    Display a field with a list of values


      This is probably very simple but it has me crazy.

      what i have is a calculated field that was been populated via an ExecuteSQL command (mytable::NearbyGeoLocationData).

      This field now contains a list of contact values one per line - with many lines per record.


      it is actually a list of Geolocation data of other contacts that was found via the executeSQL to be within a given radius (GeoBox)


      What I'd ultimatly like to do with this list within each records mytable::NearbyGeoLocationData field is create a dropdown menu, or a popup menu. displaying the data from the list. or something. even a edit box isn't working as it will not utilize a scroll bar to view a long list of names etc.


      the field contents looks something like this:

      Line 1: John Doe, 1 Somestreet, Some Town, 12345, (800) 555-1212

      Line 2: Jack Smith, 3 Avenue Place, Town Square, 54321, (999) 123-09876

      Line 3: Jack Daniels, Just What I need Ave., Wrong Path Village, 09876, (777) 555-1234




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          I would recommend a Virtual List technique.  A table with a global field that has a numbered ID field that uses the GetValue function with the value equal to the ID.  This is a very simplified explanation, but there is info out there on this.  There are also many ways to do this.

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            you can add a vertical scroll bar to a field in which to scroll. It is on the Inspector, right under the "Control Style". A dropdown list or pop up menu wouldn't work because the entire list is one piece of data. dropdowns are taking the data from multiple fields and putting them in the drop down.


            The virtual list technique is a great technique too. Many people use this to put the data into a table that shows up on a portal in the record's view. That would work too. It does contain a bit of a slow-down as this technique would re-grab the data for each new record.

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              Nice!! I bet I looked at the scroll bar option a million times and just didn't realize it was there.

              I was playinfg with the virtual lists, but I couldn't spend much time on it right now, but io will play with them some more i see a lot of areas they will come in handy.