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How to get calculation between 2 fields at 2 level sorted report?

Question asked by egbaumier on May 26, 2014
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At Report sorted by Month I have:


Customer Order Amount

Acme 100

Drax 140

Pix 160

(Total when sorted by Month) = 400


I need to represent customer share per month, such as:


Customer Order Amount SHARE

Acme 100 25%

Drax 140 35%

Pix 160 40%

(Total when sorted by Month) = 400


SHARE should be Total Amount Order from every Customer sorted by Month / Sum of All Order Amount from a lll Customers at the same Month.


I tried several different ways from Calculation, Summary e Global Field without any success.

Maybe this solution is simple but I couldn’t figure out.

Is there any suggestions?





FM13 Pro Advanced