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Only 8 Top Level Folders Available for the Layout Menu in Layout Mode - Why?

Question asked by pgsdesign on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by Stephen Huston

I've got a database that has 500 plus layouts. I've discovered that when I'm in Layout mode and I click the layout menu, only the top 8 folders show up to organized the layouts. If I move a layout folder up in the list in Manage Layouts (number 6 for instance), it shows up. If not, it disappears. So in Layout Mode the Dev_d (unique name by the way) folder does not organized anything, nor does the Interface_d folder show up - anyone know why? It seems as if the layout mode does not honor all the folders created in the Manage Layouts section of FileMaker Pro 13.


Screen shots attached.


Manage Layouts with Dev_d and Interface_d folders showing and checked:


Layouts Menu in Layout Mode - all folders below Tech disappear and the layouts just show up in order: