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Constraining a found set and Referenceing related fields for calculations.

Question asked by marty72 on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Stephen Huston

Hi, this forum has been excellent and has provided me with lots of helpful information in getting my solution to its current state (FileMaker 13, FMGO 13). [It is attached for reference]


I have an tree auditing solution that I am working on that involves 3 tables. Project table, Plot table (related to Project) and a Tree table (related to Plot table). Each project can have multiple Plots and each Plot will have mulitiple Trees. My Tree layout works great in the field for collection data (on an iPad) - Filemaker has made this process very efficient.



I am having a issue with a one of my Layouts that is used in the field to provide some quick summary information. I have one Layout called Quick_Summary that provides a summary of a number of items for the Trees within the Plot that is currently being assessed. This one works well and provides numbers as expected based on a number of calculation and summary fields.


However, I have another Layout called Quick_Summary_All that provides a summary after multiple Plots have been assessed. It basically is supposed to provide the same information except that most of the numbers presented are now averages based on the number of Plots assessed to-date, within the current Project. One of the fields in question on this layout that will illustrate my problem is called Total_BA_Marked_Sum from the Tree table. In my Options for this field I reference another field in the Plot table called Plot_Count which is a field I increment as Plots are added. It is obviously not using this number though since the value that is appearing in Total_BA_Marked_Sum is a total of all the trees in the all of the plots, and not an average. My rookie-ness is showing but is the problem my table context or something else? As you can see by some other fields not presently being used I have tried global fields and variables but have not been successful yet.



When I move from Project layout to Plot layout I only want the plots that are in the current Project to show for reviewing and adding new records(Plots) (currently only 1 Project here but when I do add another Project all the plots show when I navigate to the Plot layout and use my navigate buttons). The same issue exists when I navigate from Plot layout to the Tree layout. I thought that I could do a Find and constain the found set before I moved to the new layout but all the records still appear when I navigate from record to record.

I suspect this is not a big deal but I am not seeing my error right now.


Thank you for any advice.




P.S. The orange text and items are just for developement purposes and are not part of the user solution.