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Relationship / Query help

Question asked by chronister on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by Mike_Mitchell

Hello all,


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


Can anyone point me to a good, clear tutorial / learning resource that can help me understand how to query the database to get only specific records? I understand this is done with the relationship window and table occurences.


I have a solution I am creating for my local animal shelter and I have a listing of rescue organizations that we work with. In a list of dozens, we regularly use specific ones, so I have a field to mark a rescue active / in-active.


I am trying to create a relationship / query that shows only the active rescues. I am going to need this same type of thing for another part of the solution too so I am needing to find a good resource to help me understand better how to accomplish "queries" with relationship. I have gone through several tutorials but I don't seem to be able to execute it properly.


In this specific example, I created a second instance of my RescueOrganizations table and in the table I had a field called StatusMatch as a calculation set to "Active". I then joined the tables on the PK and the match field, but all the resue organizaions came up instead of just the active ones.


If you would like to see the actual solution I can post it here.


Any advice / direction on this would be appreciated.