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    FMSA 10 -> Server 2008


      The company I am working for recently migrated the development server from a windows 2003 server instance to a VMware 2008 enterprise installation. I got CWP up and running and all 3 test pages show up as they shold when I access them. (CWP, IWP, XSLT). The problem is, when we try to access the databases via PHP, we get an error (959) which says the service is not available. But it clearly is given that the test page for CWP works. This is a copy of the previous development environment we had setup, the only difference being that it is on 2008 server instead of 2003.


      Has anyone else experienced this? Insights?

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          Update: Even though the security is identical on all 4 servers for FM, the site files are hitting the server and creating this log entry:

          2014-05-28 16:01:41Web Publishing CoreInformation172.16.0.77:0 - Admin "/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml" 200 544

          error 200 is Access Denied, but it doesnt make sense given that the databases are all identical with identical permissions and I can access the same DB files on 2 other servers.


          Update: I created a test file to connect to the server sample to see if I could pull data.


          $fm = new FileMaker('FMServer_Sample', FM_HOST, 'Admin', '12345');
          $request = $fm->newFindAllCommand('English_Form_View');
          $result = $request->execute();
          if (FileMaker::isError($result)) {
              echo 'FileMaker server error: ' . $result->message . '(' . $result->code . ')';
          } else {
              $records = $result->getRecords();
              foreach ($records as $r) {
                  echo $r->getField('Title');


          This gives me the error: FileMaker server error: (959). Which, according to FileMaker, says the CWP service is not running, but it is and can be accessed via the FMS Test page.