GetContainerAttribute not working

Discussion created by scodoc on May 28, 2014
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I am experimenting with some of the new functions in FM13 advanced. Have not used containers before so I decided to play with them a bit before launching into creating my real database. Am stuck on getting the GetContainerAttribute function to work. I created a table called Text_Cleaner with a couple of text fields and a container field. Created a new record then dragged a small ascii text file into the container. No problem yet.


I want to do two operations. First I want to read the file name and path to the file in the container into a text field. Then I want to read the contents of that text file into the second text field.


The first step of extracting the filename is not working. When I try to create any script command, such as Insert Calculated Result, then try to specify a calculation using


GetContainerAttribute(Text_Cleaner::Container_Data ; filename)


I get an error message that states The Specified Table Cannot be found.


Within the Specify Calculation window I am selecting the field by clicking on the field name Container_Data. But I keep getting the error. Not sure if I do not understand how the command works.