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SMTP Email Quit Working on Everything but the server

Question asked by rrenfrow on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by rrenfrow

I have a couple of solutions that have been around for years and happily letting users send smtp emails via scripts from their computers using FMP client logged into FMS. We upgraded to FMS 12 and FMP 12 client and now things fell into the ditch. Web users can send emails via script when the web user initiates the script ON THE SERVER. Users with FMP client get the message "Emails cannot be sent" or something close to that. EXCEPT, and here's the weird part, I can log into FMP client while ON THE SERVER and the emails send successfully from FMP client.


In other words, web users who register do receive their confirmation emails. Using FMP client while ON the server, SMTP emails send just fine. But office staff cannot send SMTP emails from FMP client using their computers like we have since, I dunno, about FMP several version back? They can send emails via client, but setting that up is a hassle.


What's up with that? Any ideas?



FMS12 running on a MacBook; latest version of OS and FMS; users with FMP 12 and some with FMPA 12 current version or almost on Windows and Macs



Thanks for any help!