Save as PDF differs in 13 from 12

Discussion created by jrenfrew on May 29, 2014
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I have a FMP 12 file hosted in my office for quotes witha script to create a PDF of the current record to the documents folder and automatically open it


Ona variety of Macs from 10.8.5 ot 10.8.9...

WIth FMP12 the script works fine, run it again it works fine, run it aain it works fine... change somethign run it agian it works fine.... you get the idea



FMP13 (13.0.2) run it, it works.... run it again NO WORKIO. tells me the disk is full or locked (see attached) Wierd thign if I change the path to include Get ( tempdir) rather then Get (docsdir) it works, and it works on paths above the Users folder level.


this is on all the Macs

and the only way to fix it is to reboot. What! just like owning a PC from 15 years ago.


run the script, it works, then again and it doesnt



This SEEMS like a pretty huge issue to me... anyone else seeing this behaviour?






Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 18.29.29.png