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Server External Storage Locations and Transportability

Question asked by JimBrear on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by mardikennedy

My filemaker Server stopped working this morning. I have a backup regine that copies the contents of the server backups to a usb drive each evening and happily I have all data as at 11pm last night.


I have placed a copy of last night's backup on my local machine and the databases are working fine.


In one of my Files I use open external storage to keep resource documents, and this failure was an opportunity to see how well the exterally stored documents "travelled" in this situation.


In short they didn't. Each record in the table shows that the original document is missing.


If I look at the copied folder, the appropriate folders are there in the same relative position as they were on the server.All the documents are in the appropriate folder.


The text dispay for a typical entry looks like:



PDF :Collateral/Source Item/fmp10_citrix_guide.pdf


I am assuming the remote: is a pointer to the file location and that has changed (although not relatively to the database).


Can anyone shed some light on what might be best practice in this type of situation. Or whether the original setup on the server may not be as robust as needed.


Thanks in advance for your comments



Jim Brear