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    Get ( ModifiedFields ) - I had thought of it differently


      When I first heard about this new function, I thoguth hummm interesteing, might come in handy. But got busy with other things.


      We build many solutions where users might also be editing related data - after all it is a relational database. So I started trying it out with related data and wasn't getting anything. Humm, why is that. Then I read the function reference on it.


      I woudl have loved this new function if it got ALL THE MODIFIED FIELDS


      I thought this will be great to use for auditing. But with it not being able to do the following, I won't be able to use it.


      1 - It doesn't return the fully qualified field name. I would need to get the TableName::FIeldName


      2 - It only returns fields that are on the current table, meaning you can't get any related fields


      3 - Update to the list of modified fields only happens if you exit the fiels - I fill as soon as the fiel has been mofied it shoudl track it.


      I hope they can modify this function wiith the above changes in the future.


      This would have been a killer function to have