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    "Hide Object When" while in Find Mode


      I had what I thought was a reasonable use of FM 13's hidden objects but I am not flummoxed by what I consider to be odd behavior.


      I have a Shape / Text object that covers a portion of the layout whenever a "collections" flag is set (set to 1 or null). It simply prevents work on the record until the account is marked a current (collections set to null).


      At first I simply set the "Hide Object When" parameter to


      Patient::Collections Flag < 1 // hide the object if the patient account is current


      and this works EXCEPT when one enters Find Mode. The object pops up at this point and blocks entry into some of the fields one may want to query...


      So, being a "pseudo smart" guy, I decided to populate the "Hide Object When" parameter to someting that also checks for Get(WindowMode) = 1 // Find Mode


      This did not work. At first I thougth that I had the logic wrong (or vs xor etc), but then I simply put


      Get(WindowMode) = 1 // resolves to true when in find mode and therefore will hide the object


      in the Hide paramter and it does not impact the visibility (in ANY mode!). Data Viewer clearly shows the expression evaluating to true, so why doesn't it HIDE!


      Comments or suggestions are welcome...