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Need a simple solution!

Question asked by Scottiet on May 29, 2014
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I am relativly new to FM13 and have attended the basic training courses.


Although i understand various points and applying them to a new database i have run into one of those 'Moments' that i cannot seem to see past, i'm sure it is simple but i need a nudge in the right direction before i proceed.

Here is the scenario:


We have to record a Video conference event, this has a unique ID issue to it

Within this event we have the requirement to record each VC UNIT in attendance (Value List)

Each VC UNIT needs to associate the number of participants and identify them by their ROLE (Value List) (1 Selection I.E. Dropdown list)

In turn each ROLE has to record the SECTOR (Value List) (Can be Multiply selections I.E. CheckBox)


I just cant seem to establish what tables should be set up and what relationships there should be?


I have attached a picture hopefully to make it easy to understand.


If anybody could give me a solution or a direction it would be very much appreciated.


Thank you.