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Problem with external databases in WebDirect?

Question asked by on May 29, 2014
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I have written a very long login script for the current solution I am working on. We recently pushed to WebDirect as a demonstration model but suddenly the script that runs perfectly on all clients will not work on WebDirect.


I have one parent database with two external data sources tied to it, could that cause the issues?


I don't understand the problem because I get no error messages, I instead get the custom dialogue I have scripted to show if no records are found in the find that my login is based on. I KNOW for a fact that the different emails I am trying should be logging in but I constantly get the message saying the find returned no results.


I believe it may be the EDS becuase the layout where my find is performed is based off a table instance from our CRM and the records are not housed in the program.


I'd greatly appreciate any help!