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    Uploading files with the same name for multiple clients?


      I have a solution which I am trying to empower as a hosted version for my end-users. However, I just recently discovered that I can't have the same file hosted on a server, even if it's in different subfolders. Have any other devs conquered this?


      I have a solution with two files: Solution.fmp12 and Solution Data.fmp12


      But theoretically, all of my clients will have the same file name, so uploading the same file as such doesn't seem doable (unless I'm missing something):



      Server/Client_A/Solution Data.fmp12


      Server/Client_B/Solution Data.fmp12


      I only want clients to be able to see their files and not other users, but it doesn't seem like I can achieve the above setup. Has anyone beaten this problem?




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          Stephen Huston

          You can use the Developer Tools on a subfolder set of files before uploading to Rename the Files, then upload the renamed files:

          Server / ClientA_Solution.fmp12

          Server / ClientA_Data.fmp12

          Server / ClientB_Solution.fmp12



          If you name the files appropriately to the client and set each file to display in the server only if the user has an account in the file (cleaning out accounts not intended for each client) they will each see only their own specially-named files.


          P.S. Developer Tool for renaming is available only in FileMaker Pro Advanced, and it takes care of updating file references within the file group selected.