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FileMaker_Tables and FileMaker_Fields Virtual Tables

Question asked by james_ludwig on May 30, 2014
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Howdy all,


I know that SQL experts have been pulling information from the two virtual tables of "FileMaker_Tables" and "FileMaker_Fields" since version 7.0v3 of FileMaker, so I'm curious about the seeming lack of official documentation surrounding these amazing tables. I'm doubly curious when thinking about the fact we've been able to pull the data natively with ExecuteSQL for 2 years. Am I missing something? Surely at least some developer out there has fiddled with these enough to tease out all the details and written up some ducumentation for the public.


I know that most of the columns are straight forward. I doubt people would be screaming for documentation regarding what "TableName" or "TableID" mean if that were all you could pull. I am, however, certain there are limitations and caveats that developers making the odd development should be aware of anyway. The columns of ModCount in each table could definitely use some documentation in order to be the most useful. For example, why does the ModCount of a table go up by (1+the number of fields created) during one session of editing a table, and then go up by only 1 when editing numerous fields in multiple ways during one session?


I guess the ultimate question here is, "Where's the (technical) brief?"


Happy programming,

James Ludwig