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    DB Crashing


      Hey Guys,


      Peculiar issue is occuring.


      The issue occurs when navigating to a layout (created based on a filemaker theme).


      It works fine in FMP12 but crashes in FMP13. It also fails to work via webdirect.


      Any idea why it would crash in the updated FMP?



      I am using MAC OS 10.9.2. Filemaker Adv 12.0v5 and Filemaker Adv. 13.0v3.

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          It was also posted here:






          > The issue occurs when navigating to a layout (created based on a filemaker theme).


          It works fine in FMP12 but crashes in FMP13

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            Stephen Huston

            Working on a copy of the file, I would go into the Manage Layouts window and try deleting that layout. Then close the file and try the recover on the edited copy to see if any errors are thrown.


            If not, that certainly narrows down your search, probably to a corrupt object on that layout. This can happen with image files which were pasted in or saved with non-standard image settings, grouped objects, and probably a lot of other things, most of which are quite rare.


            If the delete layout & recover test pins the problem to that layout, you can try going to the layout only in layout mode and see if it is editable, which opens up possiblities to test both graphics and grouped objects.

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              Stephen Huston

              Another few stray thoughts:


              Keep in mind that 12 and 13 handle CSS-based layout rendering slightly differently, and we don't really have enough under-the-hood info on that to know why 12 works on this layout but 13 doesn't. It is understandable why a file edited in 13 might fail in 12, but the fact that it works in 12 but not in 13 is indicative of a more basic problem, possibly in the 13.0v3 update. Do you have an earlier rev of 13 available, or a machine where you can install 13 without the revs for testing this file?


              I would consider reporting this directly to FM Engineers as a possible bug if you don't find a specific object causing problems.

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                Turns out that it’s crashing because of a popover button (and it also crashed in layout mode and in web direct).  Removed it from a layout and now it works.  This is a big problem.

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                  Implementing FileMaker 13 features (popover) and expecting FileMaker 12 to open and edit that same layout and fields in it is asking for trouble.  You never know what a previous version will do with a new and unsupported feature from the next version up. 


                  If you really must mix versions of the client, I recommend you not implement any new FileMaker 13 features in your layouts and scripts. 

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                    This underlines the fact that FMP12 and FMP13 feature sets are incompatible.


                    If your clients/users are on v12 you shouldn't touch the file with v13 - and vice versa - if your clients/users are on v13 don't edit the file with v12.



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                      Agreed.  But it still should not crash in 13.  And we weren’t having the problem with the early review version of FM 13 Advanced.

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                        Stephen Huston

                        Do you have a pre-13.0v3 installation of 13 where this file still works?


                        If so, I would definitely report this to FMI as a bug in the lastest rev release. Maybe even so just because it worked in 12 but not 13. However, clearly something about the inability of 12 to read the 13-only object may have caused some form of corruption to the object code itself.

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                          My earlier version expired, unfortunately.  Will report this bug.

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                            Stephen Huston

                            I guess that means you were using the Pre-Release version, which was intended only for feature testing and such prep stuff. FMI doesn't promise that Pre-release versions are final, though they tend to be exactly what the first public release includes. That being the case, working on the pre-release isn't really a good basis for a bug report without testing the release version. But I'm glad you will report the fact that something which worked in 12 started failing in a version of 13.