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Admin Console is reporting the incorrect client version number

Question asked by brenthedden on Jun 2, 2014

I wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this issue before I submit a bug report -


Running FMS on a virtual MS Server 2012 machine. In the Activity - Clients area, it's reporting some users as using Pro 13.0v1, when I know that the client(s) are actually running Pro 13.0v3. I verified this by viewing the About-Help window on the client's screen. Most of the clients are showing up correctly as using Pro 13.0v3, but about 1/4 of them are showing the incorrect v1 version.


It's impossible for me to know if the error is comming from the server or from the client. It's the same clients that are reporting incorrectly each time/day. We use MS System Center to push out FM Pro 13 and any necessary update(s). I highly doubt something got messed up with the versioning when installing, as the client screen is reporting the correct version, but just not on the server. We even manually unstalled and reinstalled FM Pro on two client machines, which didn't help any.


I wish I knew how to replicate this issue, that way I have some direction on how to handle this.