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Unable to Manage options.

Question asked by vincedubeau on Jun 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by taylorsharpe

Hi All,


I recently started working with a client that had a solution developed for him (FM 12). There were some problems with the developer(s) and although the solution is mostly complete some issues still need to be addressed. It uses a data separation model which I'm fine with. The client was given an admin account/password which works fine on the main solution. I can change layouts, scripts, etc. The problem arises with the data portion. Some of the calculated fields in the tables need to be changed. The admin account logs in fine but all of the "Manage" options are greyed out.


I downloaded a demo of one of the password recovery tools for Filemaker to see if it could give me any insight. It shows that the admin account has full access but yet it doesn't. My client is talking to his lawyer to have him contact the former developers.


Has anyone come across a situation like this? Have any ideas?


Thanks in advance.