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    Unable to Manage options.


      Hi All,


      I recently started working with a client that had a solution developed for him (FM 12). There were some problems with the developer(s) and although the solution is mostly complete some issues still need to be addressed. It uses a data separation model which I'm fine with. The client was given an admin account/password which works fine on the main solution. I can change layouts, scripts, etc. The problem arises with the data portion. Some of the calculated fields in the tables need to be changed. The admin account logs in fine but all of the "Manage" options are greyed out.


      I downloaded a demo of one of the password recovery tools for Filemaker to see if it could give me any insight. It shows that the admin account has full access but yet it doesn't. My client is talking to his lawyer to have him contact the former developers.


      Has anyone come across a situation like this? Have any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Do you (or the server hosting the database) have read-write access to where the data file is located.  If not, then all options will grey out even if you're in [Full Access] mode.

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            Since this isn't in production yet, I'm just running from my PC. The data file is in the same directory that the file with the scripts and layouts is, which I have full access to.

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              Maybe the file is locked.  One way or another you don't have permission to write to it and that is why those Manage options are blocked.  Copy it somewhere else where you know you have read/write access and make sure Windows Explorer does not have the file locked.  Other ways to lock a file is if another program has a hold of it and is trying to do something with it (e.g., back it up, zip it, virus scan it, or whatever).  Make sure you have only one FileMaker application opening both files and I recommend you do it locally and not on a network drive. 

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                The data file is in the development directory for this client and I have full acces to that. I checked the permissions on the data file and I have read write acces to it. I saw no signs of it being locked but rebooted anyway. Still no joy. I moved the data file to a temp directory I use for testing and still the same problem. I even put a copy of the data file on my MacBook and I get the same problem. This is defintely not a permsions, read/write problem. There is something strange going on with this file.

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                  If something strange is happening, have you tried to recover it and see if it reports any errors?

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                    I just did a recover. There were no errors reported. I also did a consistency check and that was fine. Could it be possible that they created a custom menu set to duplicate the Filemaker menu and grey out the options they wanted. A wild conjecture but I'm grasping at straws.

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                      When logged in using FileMaker Pro Advanced, go up to Tools and pull down to "Custom Menus" and make sure [Standard Filemaker Menus] is selected. 

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                        It's greyed out but the {Standard Filemaker Menus] is checked.

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                          Greyed out and selected is as it should be for a [Full Access] user. 


                          Can you change the file name?  How about uploading it to FileMaker server making sure to use the FileMaker Pro client to upload.  Why I suggest this is that it goes through a process of consistency checks and makes sure it stores the file so that it can be read/write to the fm service.  Not sure it will help, but would confirm that permissions are not the issue. 

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                            Sounds really annoying—not to mention time consuming. Looks like you've been through a few options already without cracking it. Another I can think of is try exporting the data. If this is possible, then you should be able to get around the problem by creating a brand new data file with the same field names and loading your data into that.

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                              I can change the file name with no problem. Fortunately I'm a paid TechNet member so I started up my development server and uploaded the file via the client. Still the same problem. Is there any way that one could remove those options from a full access user? I didn't see where it could be possible under Manage Security (using a differnet file)

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                                I thought of that last night but the export option is greyed. I then tried importing into a copy of "program" file and it worked. I then checked different things. There are a lot of tables with multiple references in the relationship graph (ie., T0020_Project_Item, T0030_Project_Item, T0040_Project_Item). There would be a lot of work involved in recreating the data file. The client has already paid a lot of money and to have to pay more for something which he has the rights to is just wrong.


                                I don't know exactly what went on between him and the previous developer. I know that the client sued him. This could be some way of "getting back". Personally I think the client is great. He is in Aruba and I'm in NJ, USA. We email and talk frequently on Skype and get along great. I just want him to have access to what he paid for.

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                                  Is it possible that the original developer used the developer utilities in FMPA to remove access to the manage stuff? This would be the "remove admin access from files permanently" option. You may have a crippled admin account.

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                                    Bummer! That is why I said "if (export) is possible". You could try doing it the other way around, i.e. create a new data file and working from that context try to import data from the problem file. A simple test file with a couple of fields is all you would need to try it out. If that works then go ahead and build the full file; if it doesn't you haven't wasted a whole lot of effort.

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