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When WebDirect Opens/Closes ... Question 3

Question asked by SteveShiver on Jun 2, 2014
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Hello All,


(I'm hoping developers within FileMaker, Inc. monitor this forum)


I'll ask each question as its own discussion.




I'm developing a solution which uses WebDirect to open a store within an existing site. I'm plowing through multiple issues (I'll post more later).


Question 3

This is a tough question to formulate, but I'll try...


As developers we need options regarding the Guest account in FM WebDirect (and FileMaker Pro). We need the ability to suppress the "Guest" option in the password dialog (even if a Guest account is, in fact, present). The current version of FM WebDirect offers no ability to pass an FM acount username and password through a URL. Therefore, this mandates that a Guest account be created in the FM file for web surfers to have a "transparent" experience when arriving at a page which contains a WebDirect link. This creates quite a domino-effect regarding security ... within FileMaker Server/FileMaker Pro AND FM WebDirect.


What options do we have with regards to suppressing the "Guest" option in the Password Dialog window? Any options in the works?