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    Supported Browsers for WebDirect


      I have an application that I am putting out the server version to my users via WebDirect. According to the FM website, IE10.x is supported. But when I hit it with IE10 that I just installed, I get a message that my browser is too old or not supported. Does anyone know what version(s) of IE are really supported? I also have Chrome (which works fine for me), but our company standard is IE.




      Jay Tyo

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          I had this problem site. Go to the Tools menu in Exploer (I think, I don't have a machine with Exploer running here)  and check the compatibility views menu. Make sure everything is NOT checked. There is a knowledge base articla about this as well on FMI site

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            I followed the steps they provided but that still did not help, same issue.  Sounds like maybe a call to tech support.

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              Keep us posted on what you learn. This has worked for numerous users at one of my client sites. Just to be sure, you made sure the compatibility boxes were not checked?


              I guess I have a secondary question. It seems like this compatibility view option is on by default in IE. What are the implications of turning it off? My clients haven't reported any change to their web browsing after making this change. It is a pain to have to make sure any possible web direct user using IE knows to do this (and your case do this and not get a fix.)

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                Compatibility Mode allows IE 10 to "dial down" to an older version of IE dynamically based on the website.  A website can specify an earlier version of IE to run in, and Compatibility Mode will read that and then display the webpage using that IE version's rendering technology - basically emulating the older browser.


                So Martin: your client's won't have any problems with Compatibility Mode being turned off unless they go to a website that expects it turned on :-)  Then things will break.


                I think they've changed the way they do emulation in 11, but don't know too much about it.  I will say that we have several .NET clients whom we've had to run in compatibility mode, at least temporarily, until a new version of a third party control gets updated for the latest browser versions, etc.


                Welcome to the real web - insert smiley or frown face depending on how you feel about that.


                Jay: unless someone else chimes in with an option, yes - a call to tech support.  You can also try forums.filemaker.com if you haven't already - FMI tech support staff monitor and respond on those boards.

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                  First, thank you to Chris, Colin and Martin for replying.


                  I tried the compatibility settings as FM directed to no avail.. I also called support and they mentioned getting Java on the machine.  We use an old version of Java due to other apps, so I upgraded to 1.7.25 and also tried 1.7.51.   Neither of them worked.  Oh well, I guess we stick with Chrome.

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                    Saying 'getting Java' is too lazy, WEBD needs JavaScript, not Java.


                    Did you try this ?

                    Run IE

                    Press F12

                    in Menu "BrowserMode" select IE10.

                    Indeed, IE9 is supported by version check of WEBD.

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                      Bingo, that was it.  I had tried the compatibility view settings per the tech note, but this was it.



                      BTW, “getting Java” came from the FM support person.


                      Thank you very much for your help.


                      Jay Tyo