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    Yosemite and iOS8


      Hi, I upgraded both the Desktop OS and iphone OS. Filemaker seems to work fine on both. Had to reinstall Java, not sure why, maybe it was the Scriptmaster Plugin



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          Oreste / All -


          Hi, I upgraded both the Desktop OS and iphone OS.  Filemaker seems to work fine on both.  Had to reinstall Java, not sure why, maybe it was the Scriptmaster Plugin



          I am sure it goes without saying but I will say it anyway that you are swimming without a lifeguard for sure doing this. 


          I am sure at some point soon we (FileMaker, Inc.) will have an official statement of some sort concerning the use of FileMaker products with Yosemite and iOS8 but in the meantime I would be very cautious doing so until it is officially released in the fall.  As we all know beta software can be unstable and can change from beta to beta and we would hate to see anything happen to your precious data because of it.


          With all that said, playing around and installing on a test machine and using FileMaker products in that capacity is fine.  But using either Yosemite or iOS8 for actual real / customer development I would shy away from for sure.


          Steve Romig

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I'd be curious to know what affect the Mac system font changes have.

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              in my little playground I found is an issue on iOS 8, FM Go 13.0.4: theres no chance to input data in the mail send dialog.


              The send mail script step open the mail window, but no chance to imput data in To, CC etc.

              Second issue: to display a PDF via Go is correct, but to send this PDF via email, in the mail-window the pdf-thumbnail is empty an no chance to imput data in all fields.


              Best wishes, Willi

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                I'd also be curious to know if you call "dial phone" from the mac (via phone)

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                  I am willing to take the risk.  I am not hosting a database on this computer.  So far it is working well enough.  There are some glitches but it is all good.  I have a few apps crash on my iphone, and I havent tested out FM go on it yet fully.  I was able to open a DB I had on my phone locally and it worked fine.  Didnt test the PDF stuff yet.  It might be a mail issue since they are changing how it interacts with iCloud


                  As for Yosemite it is working fairly well.  I seem to be having an issue with Filemaker 13 while photoshop is open, it seem to be very slow in displaying the graphics. Safari is also affected. I think that may be more photoshop than FM.  It might be a video issue or memory.


                  I have been receiving all my text messages from my iphone thru messages now, if they are sent as text, not an iMessage.  So far my phone has rang and my imac has not shown it.  I am not sure if I have everything hooked up correctly.


                  This is a FM forums, but I do think we must discuss the new OS considering how many devs use macs.


                  Many of the feature they showed didnt seem to make it into the release.  Dark mode is one of them.



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                    wait up, just watched the Apple WWDC video, apps will have extensions... could this mean a whole new realm of possibilities for FileMaker Go 14???


                    wowie, this could get interesting.