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Value Lists from a Calculation Field

Question asked by bbringardner on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by raybaudi

I am working with drop down menus based on value lists from fields in other tables. The scenario is I have a firstName (text) and a lastName (text) field and would like to concatinate them in a single field "fullName" (calculation... firstName & " " & lastName) to be visible in my value list for a drop down field.


I do not know why, but I can use the firstName or lastName field as the source for the value list, but when I use the fullName field I get a "?" (bad I assume) in my drop down and no values. I can see in the fullName field that the the firstName and lastName fields have been joined correctly.


Is it not possible for me to call a calculated field as a source for a value list? Or am I not understanding something about value lists properly?