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    Integration with ACT! from Sage


      I want to do some simple integration between FMP v11 and ACT!

      The back end of ACT! Appears to be MSSQL2008 based product, so technically I should be able to create an ESS connection to it.


      Anyone do this before who can offer some advice before I begin?





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          All the work I have done with ACT! has been from people leaving it and converting to FM.


          I'd imagine based on the data that I was fed for FM, that there is a ton of picky formatting nuances you'll have to calculate in FM to make the data display correctly in ACT.


          If you want to at least make the ODBC/ESS sync portion of it a breeze, I highly recommend an existing solution that handles server to ESS/ODBC syncs, like mirrorsync: http://360works.com/filemaker-sync/


          Will save you tons of time vs. rolling your own.