Looking for your FileMaker Nightmare DBs

Discussion created by jmedema on Jun 3, 2014
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I am needing a few more examples of nightmare databases for one of my DevCon presentations called "Essential Data Modeling: Avoiding the Nightmare...". Can you help?


Specifically, I'm looking for examples of solutions that grew organically in an uncontrolled environment and have resulted in some (or all) of the following:

  • Tables with massive field counts
  • Nightmarish Relationships Graphs
  • Naming Conventions from the Pit
  • Incredibly horribly freakishly complex layouts


Client, developer and system names will be confidential, of course, and aren't needed for the presentation. However, what I DO want is any or all of the following:

  • PDFs or screen shots of the Relationships Graph
  • PDFs or screen shots of Stats of the tables with field counts (Manage Database > Tables)
  • PDfs or screen shots of naming conventions (or lack thereof) gone wild


If (and only if) you approve, I will publicly acknowledge your submission in the presentation at DevCon this year. Not sure if your submissions should be posted here in the forum. Feel free to email them directly to me at I will post back to this thread the worst of the worst in a few weeks (only those with approval).


Much thanks,


Jim Medema

Surefoot Database Consulting, Inc

Certifed Developer v7-12, FBA Trainer v7-12