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A product composed of different other products

Question asked by philipm on Jun 4, 2014
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I am desperately trying to find out how to create the following relationship:


Our company sells boxes of tea in different sizes, in different boxes and different labels.

Basically, whenever we sell a box of 40 teabags, it includes the following products of ours:


- 1 box

- 1 label for the box

- 40 labels for the teabags

- 40 Bags of a specific tea


However, whenever we sell a box of 12 teabags, it includes a different box and label for the box, but the

tea and labels for the tea are the same, just the quantity is reduced.


Does anyone have an idea in what way I have to set the relationship, that each of the different products are drawn to the different types of ways we sell them, but whenever we sell a box, the

various quantities of the different products are subtracted from our inventory?


I would be for ever grateful!


Best regards,