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    Another Devcon Room Request




      I did not think they would sell out so soon.


      SO: I am also looking to share a room


      Or be notified of a cancellation.

      Or persuade FMI to negotate for more rooms.


      Apparently some rooms are available at the non-Devcon price of $450!


      Bruce Robertson

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          Hi Bruce


          Same problem here.  Are there other hotels nearby? Seems like a pretty isolated place



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            The hotel suggested we contact FileMaker and have them work with the hotel to make more rooms available.


            I have made an inquiry with a FileMaker person.


            It seems like it would also be helpful to set up something better for finding potential roommates.

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              Hi Bruce and everyone:  Yes, we have sold out with hotel rooms (FileMaker has them all - there are no rooms that are "extra" to release).  My suggestion is to perhaps post here like others have to find a roommate.  And another suggestion - there's a Courtyard Marriott that's 6 miles from the conference - get a room reserved there, then call daily to the San Antonio JW Marriott to check if any rooms have been released. Typically you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a hotel reservation - but find that out to be sure.  There are many customers that have pre-booked hotel rooms that still haven't registered. We will be going through that list and get those rooms released if they are not registered for the conference, so thus the reason to call daily to the JW Marriott Hotel.  Registration is an all-time high right now - I guess a great problem to have.  Delfina

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                Thanks Delfina!


                I received a private message here from somebody who will be freeing up a reserved room - so I may be covered.


                Sounds like your work on getting some of the rooms freed up will also be quite helpful.



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                  I'm looking at the Holiday Inn Hill Country.  I think the other Marriott is about 15 miles away and the Holiday Inn is only 7 miles away.