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Can Filemaker do these things? User history / dynamic calendar

Question asked by cosmocanuck on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by cosmocanuck

Hi! I'm on the brink of taking on a FMP project that's a level or so beyond what I've done so far, but is a great opportunity to really advance my skills. Before I agree, I'm wondering if a couple of things in their current system, that they like a lot, are doable in FM.


1. "History" feature.

They can call up a record of what any particular user did, to help resolve errors etc. It shows what info that person added, changed... or deleted. Is there a way to track these kind of user actions in FMP?


2. Dynamic Schedule.

They have a calendar/scheduling component to their current system. Its layout is dynamic in the sense that they can add or remove people for a particular day, and a whole column for that person will appear or disappear accordingly on the daily planner. I think of FM layouts as being quite fixed, so offhand I have no concept of how I might achieve a similar thing. Can I?


I'm also thinking that there are probably existing solutions for scheduling that I could just adapt for use by my client instead of building it from the ground up. Where is a good place to look for these? Or is it just as well to build it from the ground up vs. trying to re-engineer a "plug-in" solution?


Thanks for any input or suggestions you can provide!