Significant Import Issue

Discussion created by hjvanes on Jun 4, 2014
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Hello FM PPL,


I have come across an issue that is just giving me a significant headache and wondering if others may have had it in the past and what they found may have been the cause of it.


I have a script which naturally imports data from a previous version to a new version.


I recently updated my solution with addition changes and some extra fields.


I have 13 layouts. When I import data, it will import data correctly for 12 out of 13 layouts.


The one layout it does not fully import data for is the one that holds all the financial information. In fact it only imports 3 records and that's it.


The import has been set like the others to match field names


open old DB

go to layout timesheets

show all records

delete all records


set next serial number

close db



Old solution to be imported from does have all the records in the specific layout.


Any help, ideas, or advice would be greatly appreciated.