Case Sensitive field matching two fields

Discussion created by hjvanes on Jun 5, 2014
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Dear FM PPL,


I have tried to get this to work but no luck and hence hope there is some person that can point out how to get the case sensitivty to work.




I have a calculation field in place to calculates a serial alpha numeric number combination with hypens included.


I have another field entered by the user for a valid serial number


My script looks to match off serial number entered with caluclation field.


Currently regardless of case sentive mistakes made by the serial number entered it will stillaccept it as a match off when in fact the cases are different.


I have tried, as read up on, to set the calculation field to unicode as well as the text field to indexing all and unicode. But unicode match off does not work.


Is there something I may have missed to ensure that cases do match be it uppercase or lowercase?


Thank you inadvance and I do appreciate any ideas given.