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Related Record Not Updating (FMP 13)

Question asked by rmittelman on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by rmittelman

I have a timesheet entry application, which is closely based on the "Time Billing" starter solution.


There is a "Time Billings" parent table, and a "Time Billing Data" child table, which holds the detail items related to the "Time Billings" records.

When I update a "Time Billing Data" field in the DESKTOP layout, the "detail line" total and the "parent" totals on that layout immediately update.

When I update a "Time Billing Data" field in the IPAD layout, the "detail line" total updates immediately, but not the "parent" totals. I need to move off of a detail record to another, then the "parent" totals update.


I notice that:

The DESKTOP layout is based on the "Time Billings" (parent) table, and uses a portal to the "Time Billing Data" table

The IPAD layout is based on the "Time Billing Data" table (no portal). It is in LIST view, and the "total" fields are in a header section, with their data pointing to the related "Time Billings" table.


Therefore, the portal-based method seems to work much better, automatically updating the "parent" record's field values.


Is there any way to cause the "parent" fields on this layout to immediately update without moving off the detail record, or must I re-engineer the entire layout, basing it on the parent table and adding a portal?