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    FP 13 Server Container Issues Link Broke


      This is likely an easy fix that I am missing. I have a database on FileMaker 13 Server with several container fields. These containers are referenced as external open storage and show in a Files folder with the same name as the database and all are located in the server(database) folder.

      Here is the problem:

      I closed the database, moved it onto the desktop, changed the database's name and placed it back on the server and opened it. Now the container link is broken. For the time being, I just switched the name back and all is fine. Please help!

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          You are not following FileMaker's procedures for working with the Live database folder on the server.  You should not be using the operating system file management to move or copy files in the FileMaker Servers live database folder, even if you have closed them.   Please use the Admin Console to stop the file (which you did), and then use the Admin Console to download the file (not the Finder or Windows Explorer).  The download will then combine it into a single file with remote container storage and all.  Then you'll be able to move it somewhere else or upload it to another server. 



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            I ran a quick test to try and replicate what you describe, as follows:


            1.     Set up external open storage for a demo file on my desktop

            2.     Insert a file into the container—FM creates storage folder as expected

            3.     Moved file to a separate drive, changed its name, then moved it back onto desktop


            Result: no problem—even with changed name the file retained the path to the stored container contents.


            Admittedly the above does not involve Server, which may change things, but it does indicate that as long as the renamed file is placed back in the same directory location as the storage folder it had previously created it should still be able to find it. Make sure that was the case in what you did before searching for any other cause.

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              I have tried that but have the same error. I am not trying to move the file to another machine. I reallly just want to simply change the name of the database and keep the existing data from containers.

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                When you try this, where did you download it to?  And did you use FileMaker Pro appication to upload the database to the server folder?

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                  I downloaded to my desktop (same machine that runs FP Server 13). I then changed the name and dragged it back into the file in finder that has my databases. It appears in FP Server and I use Server to open it.

                  I know I am missing something that I had done before. I beleive I have to open the file locally, goto manage containers and fix the link. I am just not positive on this and hoped their was confirmation on the forum. I will likely just setup a test file, go through the motions and find the problem. It is the main database we use throughout my offices so I do not want to risk upsetting the work flow and I also can only make these changes early in the morning or late evening due to time changes from offices.

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                    You are not following the FileMaker instructions or listening to what I am saying.  You are *NOT* to use the Finder to touch any files in the Live FileMaker database folder such as removing or copying back into that folder.  DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT use Finder to copy, move, delete files in the Servers' Live database folder.  You can screw up permissions and the link between remote containter storage files, which is what has happened.  I'm sure your POSIX permissions are all messed up now on that database. 


                    Let me refer you to FileMaker's upload instructions:




                    At the moment, I can't seem to find the instructions for Downloading a FileMaker file, but I'll again attach the picture of the Admin Console for downloading a file.  First close the file and then download it to your desktop or documents folder where you can change the file name.  Then you can upload it. 





                    These are the only FileMaker supported ways to upload and download files to the Server.  Yes you can do it with Finder, but you are taking on the responsibilities of matching remote container folders and the security connecting them along with the POSIX permissions into your own hands and that is what you have done and has messed things up.  It is fine if you're not an OS admin expert, most of us aren't.  But if you aren't, then follow the FileMaker instructions and it will work for you.  Let FileMaker handle the uploads, downloads, security, compression, etc.  That is why we pay for it to make our life easier.