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Importing files into containers when using Webdirect

Question asked by on Jun 5, 2014
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I've come to a point where I can drag and drop single files into container fields being displayed in Webdirect.

I can also right click on a container field and import one file into the field I clicked on.

And I know I could zip multiple files before uploading them.

And I know there are various limitations when using Webdirect


I was however wondering if there is a way to:


Click on a button being displayed in Webdirect and start a script that:

Opens a Get file dialog

Allows the user to select one or more files

Stores the path to the selected files in a variable

Place the names of the selected files in a list

Loop through the list

Place each file in the list in a seperate record containing a container field


I'm doing similar things in FM without problems, using a plugin, but is it possible and what would it take to do this in WebDirect.