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Transfer data from FileMaker 13 to MS SQL via MS SSIS

Question asked by on Jun 6, 2014

I have a customer who is having a problem transferring data between FileMaker and MS SQL in FileMaker 13. This is something that worked in FM10. Can anyone shed any light on this/figure out how to make it work?These are the details:


This is what they are trying to achieve in FileMaker 13.


Transfer data from FileMaker 13 Sources to MS SQL Tables via MS SSIS packages. They have achieved this with FileMaker 10 by doing the following:


1. Installed FileMaker 10’s Driver, DataDirect 32-BIT SequeLink 5.5 on platform

2. Created an ODBC DSN for connectivity to be established, (Data Sources are on the FileMaker 10 Server):

3. In MS Visual Studio, created the SSIS Package, with all applicable flows and Connection Managers configured appropriately.

4. When they execute the package, the data is transferred successfully and quickly from FileMaker to MS SQL.


However, when they try to replicate this in FileMaker 13 by following the same steps (with the 32-bit FileMaker 13 Driver [FileMaker 13 comes with the 32 and 64-bit drivers]), and despite the FileMaker Fields being picked up, they get the following error message from the ADO.Net Source:


Error at data flow task [FileMaker13, GPP_Reviews|8268|]: System.Data:Odbc.OdbcException: Error [HY000] [FileMaker][FileMaker] No cursor open for statement

at System.Data.Odbc.CMDWrapper.StatementErrorHandler (RetCode retcode)…


I believe that FileMaker changed the drivers at version 11, which is what made this break.
Any help gratefully received!