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    "Print Operator Group" error?


      I have three new client iMacs that are set up with an Admin account with full access as well as a restricted User account for the employee using each computer. Each computer is running FMP 11 client on OS 10.7 or 10.8, and has access to three new printers. The server is an i7 iMac running FMServer 11 on 10.7.5.


      When the User account tries to print something at our HP 601 the following error appears:


      "FileMaker Pro is trying to use the printer.

      Type the name and password of a user in

      the 'Print Operator' group to allow this".


      Attempting to print at either of the 2 Ricoh printers from the User account does not generate this error, only the HP does. Printing from the Admin account does not generate the error.


      I have not set up any "Print Operator" groups and have no idea what this error means or why it keeps coming up for that one printer. I can't figure out how to set FMP so that we can print on that printer. +Other Macs that are running FMP directly in the admin account are not getting this error.


      Any suggestions for resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated since that HP printer is the only one that has a #10 envelop hopper that we need to use.


      Thanks so much,




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          Apparently the Admin account has a keychain record that has the password for the HP 601.  You could always go look in the admin key chain for that password.  Is the HP 601 using its own security or some Active Directory service?  Who manages those accounts and can give you a password?


          If you nothing else and you don't know the password, I probably would start by removing the print driver in System Preferences and then downloading a new version from HP or using their universal driver. 

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            Hi Taylor. I am the one that manages the user accounts and there is nothing I've done that would require that particular printer to get a different treatment than the other printers available on the network. The printer, itself, was never set up to require any password. It is controlled mainled from a virtual web utility rather than from the control panel, so I'll look to see if there are any security defaults that require any password (can't find any so far though).


            I'll take a few steps back and repair permissions, check for driver updates at HP, and delete/re-create the printer queue.


            Thanks so much, Taylor.