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    Need a room.


      I am signed up for DevCon 2014, but apparently need to get on a waiting list to stay at the Marriott in San Antonio.  How do I get on this waiting list?

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          I'm not aware of any waiting list. Where did you hear about that? I'm in the same situation my friend

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            The rumor on the street is that Filemaker blocked several hundred rooms for this conference; let's pretend that number is 1200. 

            The rooms have been sold out, but only 900 people ( that's also a pretend number) have signed up and paid for the conference.  When you sign up for the conference you have to show the green right now; when you book the room, no green, and you can tie the room up until 24 hours before the conference, and then cancel.  Filemaker needs to email non-registered people,  holding rooms, to release those rooms before the discount pricing goes away.  Paid registered attendees, like you and I , could be on a waiting list as those rooms become available. 

            Now I heard we may be on our own, without some help from Filemaker. 


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              I really wish FileMaker would do that, but unfortunately I've heard the same thing as you, as in we're on our own.

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                All:  The JW Marriott is currently sold out of rooms at the conference rate. The closest hotel is the Courtyard by Marriott San Antonio (about 5 miles). Please call 210-545-3100 to make a reservation.  You will need to arrange your own transportation.  What I suggested in another thread is to keep calling the JW Marriott daily in case anyone cancels. We're also going to be checking all names to ensure all those that registered for a room has a paid conference registration. So that might let up some rooms as well.

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                  That is fantastic news, thank you Ms. Daves.

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                    and pick the right one. There are 9 Courtyard Hotels...