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Create a URL that automatically login a user to WebDirect and finds a specific record on a specific layout

Question asked by TobiAndersson on Jun 6, 2014
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I need to make a solution that sends an email including a URL that login and show a specific record and layout with FileMaker WebDirect. The steps are:


I have a database where each record represents a customer.


1. A script runs that identiy one or several records that fulfil certain criterias

2. For each record a mail is being sent to the Account Manager who is responsible for the specific customer

3. The mail shall include a URL that allows the person receiving the mail to:

a) Click the URL

b) A web browser opens up

c) Based on the credentials stored in the URL the user automatically gets logged in to the FileMaker database, the relevant layout opens up and the relevant record is shown


My challenge is how can I create this URL to do the steps 3a to 3c above?


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Tobi Andersson