externally stored container fields missing data

Discussion created by paulspafford on Jun 6, 2014
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Hey y'all,


Having a problem with one of my clients. They are using FileMaker Server 13v02 on a Mac Server with OS 10.93


They are storing container field data from several tables externally on their server, and all was well. A couple days ago, their IT guy updated them from Mountain Lion to Mavericks (10.9.3). At that time, he also did the upgrade to FMS 13v2 from v1, to make sure it was Mavericks compatible. When they started up their server, all their container fields said "Missing: " in front of the file names.


I was on-site this morning, and found out the Files folder had been put in the wrong location, so I stopped FMServer, put it in the right spot, and still no joy. Their IT guy put them back to 13v1, and now they can see the container fields from some of the tables, but not all. I've double and triple-checked the file path on all of them. I also had him save a compacted copy of the file, and put it live, but we still have a couple tables of data that they can't access those container fields.


Possibly a related issue: On the tables that I CAN access the container data, it won't let me export the container fields. Export Field Contents is greyed out, and if I try to run the script I have attached to a button, FileMaker throws the "Container fields cannot be exported" error.


We made sure the OS permissions were okay on all related files and folders.


All of these things worked perfectly before the OS upgrade. They said they can downgrade the OS if they need to, but are hoping there will be some sort of assurance of a fix before they pay their IT guy to do this.


Has anyone seen this? What was your magic phrase? All the ones I've tried today haven't worked.