FileMaker Pro 3

Discussion created by digidana on Jun 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2014 by Stephen Huston

Yep, version 3. I've been using it for probably about 18 years. I use it for invoicing for my small business. I have one file with all my customer info including a Customer ID, another file with every order I've done in 18 years (almost 16,000 entries) and includes an Order ID, then aother file that is the invoice where i enter the customer ID and the order ID and it brings it all together.


i recently got a windowws 7 laptop and i can't get my good ole FMP 3 to install. It says it won't install because W7 is 64 bit.


I've tried changing the compatibility on the installation disk to XP and i've run the compatibility troubleshooter but it doesn't work.


Can you think of a way that I get can it to run on the new computer? I really don't want to upgrade if I don't have to. I'm afraid that the program is so different now that I won't even recognize it anymore and would have to learn it all over again.