Tip-n-Trick: Using Remote Volumes to Host Files in FileMaker Server 13

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Using Remote Volumes to Host Files in FileMaker Server 13

By Rob Poelking

After a discouraging loss of work due to a virtual machine image crashing, I looked deeper into the FileMaker Server 13 user guide and discovered that FileMaker Server 13 is now supporting hosting files from a mounted network volume. You still cannot back up files to a remote volume but being able to serve from a remote folder would have saved my work.

My instructions here are from the perspective of setting this up on a Mac environment. For some reason I was not able to get this to work from a Windows machine but there is nothing in the FileMaker Server 13 documentation that says it won’t. Maybe you might be up for the challenge or have some insight that I don’t – would love to collaborate with anyone willing to give the Windows setup a stab!

FileMaker Server

  1. Make sure you have a remote volume mounted.
  2. Install FileMaker Server 13. When prompted for setting up the user, rather than using the default “fmserver” specify your own user name and account you wish to use for managing your solution files. The first time I did this I got a message from the console that said: “The FileMaker Server user account must be a member of the daemon group.” “Daemon Group!?” I’m not sure I WANT to be part of a daemon group. Is that safe? Well, yes it is. A daemon is a funny word for processes that run in the background. But, seriously, who thinks of these names? This leads me to step 3 …
  3. To set up a user in the daemon group, open Terminal on the machine you are installing FMS 13 and type the following, substituting for your own user name: sudo dseditgroup -o edit -a [usernametoadd] -t user daemon. Next, enter your administrator password.
  4. Continue your installation of FMS 13.... To read the article in its entirety visit the Excelisys blog eX-Cetera!