Gift Card Inventory

Discussion created by shane0801 on Jun 7, 2014
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Before I ask my questoin let me explain how the gift card process works. Corporate office orders the gift cards and keeps the main inventory there. From there the cards can leave two different ways, either by activating the cards selling them to a customer or transfering them out to the stores not activated when their inventory runs low. Then the store can activate them for the amount the customer wants.


I am currently working on creating a new database to handle the card inventory and am not sure if I should seperate the customer orders and store transfers into two tables. The data for each does not really change to much besides for the card denomination and a sligthly different form layout. My original thought was to treat the stores just like a customer. So the store information would be in the customer table and the transfer would be treated as an invoice in the invoice table. I would then create a field that would track what type of invoice it is, either a customer invoice or store transfer. But part of me was thinks it would be more efficient for reporting purposes to seperate the stores into their own table and the transfers into their own table. If you were creating the database would you keep customers invoices and store transfers together in the same table or would you seperate the two?