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    Help opening a file



      I was working with this file and now I can open it. Can some one can help me?

      Thank you

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          I opened the file in FMAdvanced. The script called Ejecutar SQL | Facturas del año actual is setting a variable called $SQL_RESULT, which is then used as an Exit Loop condition. On my test here the variable is being set to a ? (ie. it is not working as intended, I assume) which means the script is stuck in an endless loop. It is possible that the variable is not being correctly set because it is opening on my computer, not yours, and it requires some references it is not getting (several scripts have <table missing> warnings). However, since the file is not opening for you this is probably a starting point for finding the problem.


          A couple of options here:


          1.     If you have FMAdvanced, open the file with the debugger and data viewer open so you can see what is happening, and can kill the script when you see this problem.

          2.     If you don't have Advanced then I attach a copy which will open, as I have disabled the call for this particular script (it is in the Activar | Al abrir panel [Get Script Parameter] script).


          Sorry I can't help further—the Spanish is a barrier—but at least the above might get you over your immediate hurdle.

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            Thanks a lot

            It works.

            Thank your