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Popovers (over) interactive containers

Question asked by tonymak on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by hbrendel

Using Macbook Pro's / iMacs

I've notice when viewing layouts that have popovers that should span an interactive container (or web viewer) that the popover is made smaller than it should be or goes behind the container. in other words depending on the container type the popover stops at the container and will not overlap it (Web Viewer) or the popover will be behind the container (as when an Interactive container is in the path). (I have made sure that the popover is brought to front, and the container is set as 'send to back', makes no difference)


I do not see this happening on FMGO, the popover spans correctly, only so far using FM Pro Advanced on the Mac Desktops/Notebooks.


Has anyone else expericanced this?

And short of triggering a hide of the interactive container when opening the popover has anyone found a work around for this?