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FileMaker Server 11 PHP Test Failing

Question asked by DaveNicely on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Malcolm

We have a client with a two-machine configuration on Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) running FileMaker Server Advanced 11 v.5 with Java 6 Update 37 on both the FileMaker Server (Master) and the Web Server (Work, running IIS 7.5). The deployment to the Web Server is all green and normal with no problems and yet the PHP Test fails (see PHP_Test_Fail.png) and the IWP web pages work just fine.


There is a Load Balancer machine running Brocade but I was told by the IT Manager this should not be interfering with the two machines talking. I have attached screens shots of the ports both machines are listening to (see Web_Server_Ports.png & FMS_Ports.png).


When I compared the Web Server to another Web Server of a client of mine that is running successfully I noticed differences in the location of the FMI-Test and Jakarta. I noticed they were located in a FileMaker site which I did not create nor do I think the FileMaker Server Installation would create. I had the IT Manager move these files inside the DSP site because that is where the PHP Web Pages are located. Still, the PHP Test failed when I went back on to the FileMaker Server.


Because these machines are located in a server farm, I have to schedule shadow sessions to review each machine so this has taken me over two weeks to try to resolve, I am all out of ideas and never encountered this kind of problem during an installation. I have successfully installed various PHP web pages with 10 other clients in various machine settings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.