Make me cooler! (Pushing fm data to MS Word and Adobe Pdf business templates)

Discussion created by kiwikaty on Jun 9, 2014
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Hi there


I am putting this file "out there" as I am hoping one of the advanced developers (who like a challenge) will pick it up and make it better and re-post it for others.


Having searched the forum before I know I am not alone in trying to put fm data back into word - in the format specified by the business! Likewise I know there are others who need to be able to "part complete" pdf forms with fm data. This is because in the crazy busy world we live in people don't have the time to copy and paste a few form fields between applications - or that is what they tell me at my work place anyway.


So while I know there are better and more savvy solutions out there please find attached a file that demo's the method we are using in house at this point in time. It is not designed for end users to be able to self manage.


I am really hoping some wonderful generous person will tell me there is a good reliable way for getting around the fact the generated file has to be opened and re-saved with the word doc file type. I myself have spent too long looking at workarounds for this - even trying to learn a bit of vba after reading another post on this forum - but to this day I have not found something I am happy is reliable across 120 workstations. Except the dear users themselves who now know the drill with these files.


Feel free to hack and slash the code (and to keep criticism constructive) but remember we all love people who share their brilliance.


Kind regards



(P.S I am still writing html in Filemaker scripts to generate formatted excel spreadsheets so believe me when I say I have approached cross application movement in a lot of ways and Yes I am aware that MS Word has a feature called Mail Merge!))