Group start page not generating proper link to database.

Discussion created by JaredHague on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Stephen Huston

So I set up the Group start Page for a client to access their database etc.


I wanted to use the Group Start page but the link to the database uses the local ip and not the domain. its kinda wired because it uses the domain for the webpage it generates. Anyway I also notices that in the status area of the server it shows under the database server part "IP Address x.x.x.x" and the webserver part shows "IP Address fm.mydomain.com " Its a single box macmini running server 13. Any ideas how I can get the database server to show the domain?


Just to clarify.. On the group start page, the link to launch the database in filemaker pro isn't working out of the office. It generates a link to the servers local ip and that works fine from in the office ( of course ). The page itself is fine and uses the domain so it is visible out of the office.


oh ya and. I have set the domain up on the computer using the server app.


Any help figuring out this would be appreciated