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    Group start page not generating proper link to database.


      So I set up the Group start Page for a client to access their database etc.


      I wanted to use the Group Start page but the link to the database uses the local ip and not the domain. its kinda wired because it uses the domain for the webpage it generates. Anyway I also notices that in the status area of the server it shows under the database server part "IP Address x.x.x.x" and the webserver part shows "IP Address fm.mydomain.com " Its a single box macmini running server 13. Any ideas how I can get the database server to show the domain?


      Just to clarify.. On the group start page, the link to launch the database in filemaker pro isn't working out of the office. It generates a link to the servers local ip and that works fine from in the office ( of course ). The page itself is fine and uses the domain so it is visible out of the office.


      oh ya and. I have set the domain up on the computer using the server app.


      Any help figuring out this would be appreciated

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          The database server will always show the LAN IP, because it has no idea what your WAN IP is. All of that is handled on the network configurations outside of FM. Group start pages are meant for administrators, not really for WAN users if I recall correctly.


          You could certainly roll your own launching webpage easily using the fmp:// URL protocol with links to your domain. You might even be able to copy the source code from the group start page.


          If you've setup the domain already, you should have a folder under DRIVE/Users/YourName/Sites that you can drop stuff into to host.

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            WAN IP or LAN IP doesnt matter because we are using a domain from the WAN and the LAN its all the same domain.  So if you go to fm.myserver.com you get the server no mater where you are.  The whole point is to forget the IP and use the domain.


            I have a couple problems with making my own website

            1. It wont change when the group admin makes changes in the admin console.

            2. FMS13 doesn't like other sites to be hosted on same box

            3. I don't like to recreate things that should work I would rather fix them.


            oh btw the group startpage is for end users.  It provides a webpage that shows the avalable databases and a welcome message with links to the databases.  It can be edited by administrators.  Its just a friendly way to get around open remote and provides a message.


            Still would love ot get the domain showing up where the ip is like it does on the web section.


            Thanks for your reply

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              Stephen Huston

              IF you have a real separate website, you can build your own HTML page on it to serve this purpose, using the sample codes at:




              If you are trying to do this without a real website, you will need to tinker with the html files in the "iwp" directory of Library > FM Server. I have not been happy with the results of that, and FMI's instructions have not been particularly useful, but a separate webpage on a real site can be fully customized with exactly the files you want rather than the full default server file list.